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Hing Hay Park July 17 and 18 2021

Hello CID community, 西雅图唐人街国际区的社区居民们你们好,

  We know the past year has been exceedingly difficult for our community due to the pandemic, yet we have also witnessed the CID community come together with great resiliency and endure through this difficult time. So with the recent removal of all COVID-19 related restrictions, we are excited to take advantage of this one-and-only opportunity to celebrate Downtown Seattle and CID’s reopening with a literal bang (warning: firecrackers may be involved)! As such, our newly formed Seattle Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the City of Seattle’s “Welcome Back Weeks” to bring back visitors to experience the vitality of the CID (see details at 我们知道,过去的一年,新冠病毒疫情使得我们的社区非常困难重重,但我们也见证了我们的社区坚强 地团结在一起,度过了这一困难时期。因此,随着最近所有与新冠病毒相关的限制措施的取消,我们很 高兴能利用这唯一的机会,热烈庆祝西雅图市中心和我们社区的重新开业(提示:可能涉及鞭炮!)因此, 我们新成立的西雅图华裔商会与西雅图市的“欢迎回归庆典周”合作,让游客再次体验我们社区的活 力

  Taking place at Hing Hay Park on July 17th and 18th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., this two-day event will celebrate and promote the CID’s local food and culture and will feature martial arts demonstrations, cultural performances, lion dances, and local musicians. 这项为期两天的活动将于 7 月 17 日及 18 日上午 11 时至晚上 7 时在兴海公园举行,本次活动将以庆祝并 推广社区的本地美食及文化为目的,包含了武术表演、文化表演、舞狮及本地音乐家表演。

  Following the example of the brave and fearless Asian immigrants that founded this community over 150 years ago, we are asking for all of the CID’s businesses, family associations, residents and supporters to come together and help spread the word about this important event and pave the way for the future prosperity and safety of our vibrant immigrant community!  以 150 多年前创立这个社区的勇敢无畏的亚洲移民为榜样,我们号召社区所有的企业,家庭协会,居民 和支持者一起来帮助传播这个重要的事件,并为我们充满活力的移民社区的未来繁荣和安全铺平道路!

Sincerely, 诚挚地,

David Leong 梁文辉

President, Seattle Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce 主席,西雅图华裔商会'

Live press conference at Westlake Park with Mayor Durkan and SCACC President David Leong for the re-opening week events.

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